1) Who can participate?

Masters, Bachelors and PhD students of Law, Political Science, International Relations and other social sciences

2)  Is there any way a student from stream other than mentioned in FAQ no. 1 participate?

Yes, on following conditions:

  • They must show interest (through previous works) in the theme of the program; Human Rights, Climate Change, Philosophy
  • They must submit a separate letter of interest to ilrsc@ksl.edu.np within the deadline.

The final decision is completely on the discretion of the organizers.

3)   How long is it?

ESDR is a 21-days long diploma course

4)   What subjects will be covered?

Please Check prospective program schedule page for details.

5)  What will be the operative language for ESDR?

For both the classes and informal interaction, English will be the operative language.

6)  How much is the registration fee?

USD 400: For foreign participants

NPR 25000: For Nepali participants

7)   What is covered in the registration fee?

Meal (3 times a day) for 21 days of stay

Full-time Accommodation

Transportation (inside Nepal) during the program

          Recreational activities included in the program package

All classes and workshops

8)   Is there a provision for scholarships?

Yes, partial scholarships in registration fee are provided based on merit and/or need. No scholarships on travel fare will be given

9)  Can you leave the venue during the program for personal purpose?

No, You will not be allowed to leave the premises during the 21-days of program (Exceptions applied)

10)   How do you apply?

You can apply through the link: https://forms.gle/4rcjD4MmAsoYMWZw5

11)      Where can I find additional information on ESDR?

You can visit the website of ESDR or email us at ilrsc@ksl.edu.np. We will keep updating new information here. : http://ksl.edu.np/esdr/