HR and GJ Department

The center was established in the year 2004 (with an initial title, Center for Women Studies and Resource Development) in order to carry out academic and research activities of the LL.M Human Rights and Gender Justice Program.

Objective of the Center

1) To pursue research activities for protection and promotion of human rights
2) To initiate activities to promote gender justice and women’s human rights


1) 16 Days Global Activism Against Violence Against Women
2) Celebration of International Human Rights Day
3) Celebration of International Breast Feeding Week
4) Seminar on Social Aspect of Legal Dimension of HIV/AIDS and Concern of Human Rights
5) Functioning of Victim’s Mobile Desk
6) Teachers Training on International Humanitarian Laws


1) Organize Moot Court Competition on Violence against Women as next celebration of 16 Days Activism in order to mainstream students in advocacy and mooting to meet the international level.
2) Expand the victim’s desk in the center forming mobile clinic for VAW in cooperation with Restorative Justice Center.
3) Organize open and public seminars and workshops in order to protect and promote human rights engaging students and faculties.
4) Expand students’ exchange programs to the universities of South Asian Region as well as universities abroad.
5) Conduct Quiz and Debate contest for the students on related areas of Human Rights, Gender Justice and Humanitarian Laws.
6) Building awareness and sensitization among the persons related to academic and non academic sections on Human Rights and Gender issues.