The Department operates activities that come under Criminal Law and Justice Program. The program has established the center in the year 2004 with a view to promote restorative justice and improve the standards of Criminal Justice System. Some programs continuation is institutionalize as Criminal Law and Justice Department.  

Objectives of the Department:

1) To involve students and concerned stakeholders to conduct criminological research with an aim to reform existing criminal law and justice keeping in view of the concept of restorative justice.
2) To organize seminar, research and other academic activities relating to criminal law and justice.
3) To strengthen academic and professional collaboration with concerned authorities, organizations and universities in relation to restorative justice.

Initiation for Doctorate Program

A number of teaching faculties involved in Criminal Law and Justice Department possess extensive experience in this field. With their research expertise and guidance CLJ Department is planning to initiate a PhD program for interested scholars .

Enrollment of International Students

The curriculum of this program has been acknowledged as one of the best courses designed in Asian Region. Hence the faculty expects to expand its academic services to international students.

Reforming of Criminal Justice system

The Criminal Law and Justice Department KSL has been planning to conduct extensive research and training program to police officers, lawyers, court officials regarding the reforming of the criminal justice system of the country. It has initiated working relations with DFID for the implementation of the project that plans to strengthen the present criminal justice system by replacing the confession based proceedings through injecting evidence based prosecution and adjudication during the court proceedings. Similarly, improvements in the field of recording and reporting of crime and operation of a preliminary Forensic Science Laboratory in KSL are also the areas of priority for criminal justice reformation. 

International Study Exchange Program

KSL being the Secretariat of South Asian Law School Forum for Human Rights (SALS Forum) has established international relation with many Law schools in SAARC countries, Asia and USA. Hence for the coming session, the Department has planned to expand its academic policy by inviting International Experts as visiting faculties and international students as researchers. Similarly, department is planning to place its students as researchers in foreign Universities.

Free Legal Aid/Counseling 

Since its establishment KSL has been providing free legal aid to indigenous prisoners and women victims. Similarly, in cooperation with Victims Legal Aid and Prisoners Legal Aid Clinic of KSL, the department has planned to provide legal aid and counseling to the people. This service will be expanded through mobilizing the students of LLB and LL.M as to follow criminological research.