Scholarship Scheme

The School offers three scholarship schemes in order to encourage genuine students to pursue their academic career in legal field.

  • Prof. Dhurba Bar Singh Thapa Scholarship Fund
  • Widya Wati Ghai Scholarship Fund
  • Scholarship for Class Toppers

Prof. Dhurba Bar Singh Thapa Scholarship Fund provides scholarship for the needy students from indigenous community and students from poor financial condition.

Widya Wati Ghai Scholorship Fund has been recently created to facilitate and promote access to legal education of weaker and disenfranchised communities, endangered minorities and dalits.

Under these scholarship schemes, some students are exempted from paying admission and tuition fees, and some are provided with accommodation and stipend as per the necessity.

Similarly, Scholarship for Class Toppers exempt monthly tuition fees of the toppers from each class.

Likewise, CeLRRd deserves gratitude for its consistent financial support to students from different sectors of place and financial background to pursue legal studies in KSL.