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Global Campus Of Human Rights

Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of one hundred universities around the world. Its mission is to advance human rights and democracy education through regional and global cooperation. 

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Established to increase the promotion and protection of human rights and democracy in the region, the program offers a rich portfolio of educational and research activities.


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International Labour Day

May 01, 2024

Wishing a joyful Labour Day to workers across every industry!

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I was attending a program of CeLLRd when I stepped in the premises of Kathmandu School of Law for the first time and seeing its environment and well managed administration, I decided to pursue my LLM here. KSL is famous for its modality of teaching, going directly to your society, understanding your society, conducting research in your society and digging out for solution and this helped me in my career. This institution has always worked for the Excellency, quality, competent, discipline and the symbol of perfect educational institution I am proud to be a student of such institution. 

Hon. Hemanta Rawal (Judge)

Being drawn to learning how to effectively deliver a certain norm prevailing over others, skills of putting your case through, I wasn’t quite sure of the foothold that I needed to find to pursue the long brewing interests and Kathmandu School of Law came in at this juncture with its advanced curriculum which is as competitive as any educational institution of esteemed reputation in the world. Beyond curriculum, a genuinely personalized touch and motivation received from the professors and all staff at KSL for my development was a remarkable one and the journey has been truly meaningful ever since.

Antara Singh (Second Secretary, Embassy of Nepal)

Having always wanted to study law when in high school, I started looking for law school options in Nepal and eventually I realized that the only law school that stood out in terms of quality education, better teaching faculty and learning environment was Kathmandu School of Law. The lessons I’ve learned, the research and analytical skills, the critical thought process, the confidence to deal with the complex issues and the written and oral dexterities that I acquired in my law school has remarkably helped me built my professional career and has given me an opportunity to be the part of international Diaspora representing my country.I am very much indebted to Kathmandu School of Law and to all the faculties who have helped me embark on my journey.

Nishika Sharma (Senior Legal Specialist, Ncell)

A most for a government employee is discipline, along with the gill to serve the nation, which I have learned from KSL. During the 7 yrs. of my study in KSL I had learned practical knowledge about this field which has helped me in my journey as a civil servant. KSL has achieved its place through hard work and determination of its teachers and students, as an Alumni I wish for the success of KSL.  

Sandesh Shrestha (Joint Attorney, CIAA)

Kathmandu School of Law is my alma mater, and I am currently engaged here as a faculty member and a researcher. Walking down the memory lane, law was not my first career choice for a long time, neither did I believe I had the makings of a lawyer. It was not until I finished my higher secondary education that I actually started leaning towards law, as the changing political contour of 2006-2007 convinced me that legal profession was the most empowering profession at the time.

Yugichha Sangroula (Assistant Professor)

I have had the opportunity to study as a student as well as teach as a teacher in KSL. Through this opportunity I was able to change myself to meet what I have achieved today. KSL has engraved the feeling of motivation within me to do my best in this field.

Hon. Yamuna Bhattarai (Judge)

KSL provides an environment not only for learning theoretically, but for gaining practical knowledge too, along with help from seniors and guidance from teachers. I owe my success to KSL.

Aruna Joshi (Under Secretary, Ministry of Law and Affairs)

KSL has a different method of teaching. Today the students of KSL are working in every sector of the nation. Today I am able to deal with difficult situation even with pressure. I owe this ability to KSL.

Ram Sharan Pokhrel (Deputy Director, Nepal Rastra Bank)

Through the support and motivation provided by the KSL, today I am the first Dalit women who have become Hon. Judge of District Court. I want to thank KSL whole heartedly. I will forever be indebted to KSL and will always walk in the path of honesty as taught by KSL.

Mana Kumari GMBK (District Court)

KSL makes a student an individual, helping them to not only survive, but thrive in this field. The practical knowledge that I have learned in KSL, has helped me to carry out my duties as a Deputy Registar in Supreme Court. I owe all my professional achievement to KSL.

Pooja Khatri (Deputy Registar, Supreme Court of Nepal)