Bagmati Policy Forum Discussion

Considering the desperate need to bring clarity on alternative mode of learning as envisioned by the Guideline for the Facilitation of Students’ Learning through Alternative Method-2077, KSL held an online Bagmati Policy Forum Discussion on May 16, 2021 amongst Bagmati (Province 3) Provincial Assembly Members, Secretariat Staff and other key authorities of Ministry of Social Development. The policy forum not only discussed the research findings of Feasibility of Alternative Methods of Students' Learning: A Study of Bagmati Province, it also sensitized the Parliamentarians (around 60 participants) about their pivotal role to be played during Covid pandemic to help create necessary environment for sustaining and enhancing alternative methods of learning, especially catering to the needs of community schools in the rural terrains. However, as shared by Sociologist Dr. Khagendra Prasai, until now it reflects a bleak situation of the available options at the receiving ends.

Making frank confessions, Hon. Sanu Kumar Shrestha, Speaker, Bagmati Provincial Assembly said that in the present crisis, it seems that the policies governing alternative methods of learning should be a priority first which eventually will push provincial governments to adopt appropriate measures or think about upgrading digital infrastructures like opting for digital highway, as suggested by Hon. Nima Lama. Mr. Rudrahari Bhandari Deputy Secretary, MoSD opined that because the local authority is now entrusted with the delegated power to manage education, students’ tracking should be properly done by the respective municipal authorities and that in turn can contribute to promulgating more effective laws ahead. However, in doing so, the functional coordination amongst the three levels of governance is a must.  Prof. Yubaraj Sangroula critiqued the present government’s apathy towards teachers and students and also for negating their voices in this crucial time. 

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