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Detention Centre Visit

Program Name/Title: Detention Centre Visit

Date: 23rd December, 2019

Venue: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur

Brief detail about the program: Detention center visit comes under the co-curricular activity of Clinical course for B.A.LL.B second year students. During this program the students are divided into various group and sent to different detention center.

The second year students learn about the human rights of the detainees and prisoner in their clinical course. Thus, this program provide student with an opportunity to observe the infrastructure of detention center and human rights of the detainees directly on their visit to detention center.

This program is conducted by Kathmandu School of Law in collaboration with Nepal Police. During this program students get an opportunity to interact with the detainees and get to know about their condition in the detention center which helps them to analyze whether human rights of detainees are protected or not.