Discussion on “Condition and Causes of Non-Cultivation of Land: A study of Lumbini Province"

With the objective of highlighting the important research findings of the recently accomplished research on “Condition and Causes of Non-Cultivation of Land: A study of Lumbini Province", KSL, on January 1, 2021 held an online Policy Research Briefing amongst Lumbini Provincial Assembly Agriculture, Forest and Environment Committee Members; Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives; Local Government Authorities and Journalists. 
Hon. Bijaya Bahadur Yadav, Chairman of the Committee shed light on the underlying loopholes in the policy-formulation processes both at the federal and provincial levels; and how desperately the provincial government needs new specific laws and amend some
existing to address the problems of irrigation and channelizing technical supports, and government grants to retain and motivate farmers in agriculture. He also shared that the Committee has time and again issued orders to the Provincial Government to investigate the issue of misuse of available grants and manage some to the poor and needy farmers. Aligning with his ideas, EK Maya BK, Vice-president, Khajura rural municipality called forth the functional role to be given to Vice Presidents in supervising the use of government grants and overlapping resources.
Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula and Dr. Khagendra Prasai presented their papers highlighting public opinions and how they could support in formulating evidence based laws. The event worked as a perfect platform to bring together local authorities and legislators so as to have conceptual clarity on their roles to boost agriculture and realizing the importance of establishing functional coordination amongst the concern agencies. KSL expressed that if required, it is ready to lend a helping hand to draft needed laws to encourage more people to pursue agriculture as a profession.