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Discussion on Organic Karnali Research

Kathmandu School of Law organized an online “Karnali Research Briefing” on 31st July 2020 under the program, “Strengthening Democratic Governance by Providing Policy Research Support” to assist Karnali Provincial Assembly and the Government realize their dream of Organic Karnali. The recent research on Condition and Prospect of Production and Use of Organic Seed in Organic Karnali revealed an optimistic setting for the provincial government to opt more for consolidating their efforts to enhance organic farming and for the legislators to legislate on other key issues for guaranteeing the poor farmers’ right to production which further includes funnelling grants, resources, technical and financial assistance to the farmers appropriately and also managing the market. The distinguished attendees included Hon’ble Bimala KC, Minister of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative; Hon’ble Raj Bahadur Shahi, Speaker, Karnali Provincial Assembly (KPA); KPA Secretary Jeeva Raj Budathoki and other academicians and agriculture experts who applauded the initiative to liaise legislators and secretariat staff with academicians, research institutions and researchers for better informed laws and thus meaningful intervention in any legislative agenda.

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