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Field study of Conservation Law

Kathmandu School of Law BALLB 5th Year Students visited Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage Site, as a part of their Conservation law course field visit. The field visit started at the 2nd of Mangsir to the 4th of Mangsir.  The field trip was conducted in coordination with the Clinical Law Department. Coordinator of Clinical Department Assistant Professor Gyanu Gautam, Assistant Professor Amrita Gautam, and Teaching Assistant of Conservation Law Sanjay Adhikari facilitated the three days field visit.
On the first day(2nd mangsir), students arrived at Chitwan National Park, and their field visit started with the visit to the National Trust for Nature Conservation(NTNC).In the NTNC, Mr. Santosh Bhattrai, the Conservation Officer of NTNC, conducted a session explaining the wildlife research and monitoring in Nepal. After the session, the students visited the Hattisar and the buffer zone area. In the buffer zone areas, they talked with locals and understood the buffer zone's opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses, and public participation in conservation.
On the second day(3rd Mangsir), the day started with a Forest Walk in the Kumroj Bufferzone Community Forest. The chairperson of the Community forest explained to the students about the community forest their achievements and challenges and led the two-hour forest walk. After the forest walks, the students went to Bishajare Tal, one of the wetlands listed in Ramsar Cites. The students discussed the Dhanjaya Khanal Bishajaretal Protection case and discussed the Ramsar Convention and Wetland Policy. Soon after this, the students went to Kasara, where the Nepali Army welcomed them to Nepali Army  School for  Nature Conservation.  Major Pradeep Dwoj, Budathoki conducted the session about the Role of the Nepali Army in Conservation. The student traveled through the Chitwan Madi road, and while traveling, they discussed the case filed by Ramchandra Simkhada regarding this road which was stopped by the verdict of the Supreme Court. The day ended with Tharu Dance and a discussion with Tharu people about their intangible Heritage.
On the third day(4th Mangsir), the student went to Devghat, visiting the culturally significant Triveni. In Devghat, they discussed Yogi Naraharinath Bhageswori Protection Case and returned to Kathmandu.

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