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Residential Program (First year)

Program Name/Title:  Residential Program (First year)

Venue: KSL Outreach campus

Brief detail about the program: - Residential program for B.A.LL.B first year students is the habitual class for 7 days in the Kathmandu School of Law Outreach Campus, Kavre. The first year students are provided with a surface background of the five year B.A.LL.B course. During this program the students get an opportunity to interact with the faculty member of Kathmandu Schools of Law and also with some of their seniors. The students also get an opportunity to know the life styles of the people living in the villages and their problem during their interaction with them on their visit to the village nearby the campus.

This program aims to provide a platform where all the students get to know each other and their faculties and form a friendly community.