QAA Certified by UGC-Nepal

Center for the training of trial Advocacy and Professionalism


The Center for the Training of Trial Advocacy and Professionalism (CTTAP) focuses on developing professionalism in young lawyers, law graduates and law professionals by providing a platform to learn skills, strategies, techniques and the art of advocacy through intense training to be logical and tactical and to be socially responsive professionals. It also provides opportunity of togetherness and to tie up with the participants and experts from Nepal and abroad.


The main objective of CTTAP is to train Lawyers on general and specific issues of importance, specifically focusing on:

  1. Preparing young lawyers to be a voracious Speaker
  2. Preparing lawyers to be logical tactical and strategic
  3. Preparing lawyers to be with specialized expertise in specific field 
  4. Conducting research, workshop and orientation for capacity enhancement of lawyers
  5. Conduct professionalism development courses for governmental as well as non-governmental officer, academic faculties and freelancer engaged in legal carrier.
  6. Conducting specific short course, certificate course and diploma course.
  7. Conducting seminar, conference, training of trainers at national and international level.

Core Activities: 

This center is committed to run programs and training courses in a regular basis with specific themes as below.

  1. Induction Training (Law Firm Management and Client Dealing)
  2. Civil Code and Criminal Code Practice in Court Training
  3. Legal Research 
  4. Arbitration Law Training
  5. Court Practice and Procedures
  6. Advocate License (BAR) Examination Training 
  7. Other Specialized Courses related to Professionalism Development and Advocacy Skills

Apart from the above-mentioned trainings, the center also conducts academic and research activities in relation to the subject of Clinical Legal Education under the B.A.LL. B Programs of Kathmandu School of Law in coordination with Clinical Law Department, Kathmandu School of Law. The center also conducts research programs and disseminate the information collected through different mediums such as: lectures, video clips, digital publications, print publications, etc.

As of now, Mr. Rubin Shrestha is the coordinator of CTTAP.