Foundational Course Department

Foundational Course Department

The Foundational Course Department (FCD) was founded on April 25, 2022 (Baisakh 12, 2079), with the goal of promoting and strengthening the scholarly collaboration between the law and other non-legal sciences. In the age of interdisciplinarity, KSL highly prioritizes and offers various foundational courses to BA LLB students to introduce and encourage the diversity of concepts, perspectives and approaches for altogether comprehending law, society, research and other human phenomena. Legal English, Legal Nepali, History, International Relations, Economics, Political Science and Sociology are amongst the chosen foundational courses. The objectives aimed by the FCD is to organize yearly academic events, such as conferences, workshops, symposiums, colloquia, discussions series and writing seminars to bring and bridge the spectrum of social and legal concerns. Moreover, the committee will also carry out research-based initiatives utilizing both popular media and other scholarly venues where op-ed writing, academic writing, language training, creating blogs, interview sessions, filming/making documentaries and other kinds of creative trainings and projects will be aimed for our students and other enthusiasts.

Members of the committee with their respective subjects

Gaurab KC (Coordinator)-Sociology

Dilli Ram Gautam- Legal Nepali

Ramchandra Phuyal- Legal Nepali

Anjan Kumar Dahal- International Relations

Bhisma Sangroula- Legal English

Sakila Chhetri- Legal English

Amrita Gautam- History

Rajeev Bista- Economics

Atindra Dahal- Political Science