QAA Certified by UGC-Nepal

Information, Communication and Student Welfare Department


Information, Communication and Student Welfare Department (ICSWD) is a new initiative of Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) whose main purpose is to coordinate and communicate with the internal and external affairs of the institution. It focuses on serene flow of information among students and faculties including well-organized administration. It aims for the advancement of students and better conveying of information. This department works in liaison with the office of Executive Director.

ICSWD is structured as per the responsibilities into;

  • Communication and Information Dissemination
  • Information & Technology (IT) Support and Acess
  • Student Engagements & Welfare



Key responsibilities of ICSWD:

1) Communication  and Information Dissemination:

This section plays a significant role in the flow of information and interacting with different bodies. Under this, It has two subdivision:

a)  Public Relation Officer:

Its duty is to operate as a public relation office of KSL. It assists as a coordinating medium in between the college with the different national and international governmental as well as non-governmental organizations such as University Grant Commission, State bodies, universities, and other Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) related works on behalf of the Executive director. Furthermore, it assists in school's organized seminars, and programs by preparing invitations, advertisements, making a documentary, college brochures, etc.

b) Communication Officer:

Communication Officer coordinates with other academic as well as administrative sections & departments on behalf of the secretariat regarding the academic matters inside the college. It prepares the annual report of the college as a responsibility to disseminate the information among the general public for disclosure of the learning environment, quality of education, outcomes, complications, etc. of KSL in coordination with the secretariat and other departments. It also coordinates in publishing journals on behalf of the secretariat.


2)  Information & Technology (IT) Access and Support:

The School’s IT Department ensures the institution system, networks, data and applications all connect and function properly and protects its users from illegal or damaging actions by individuals who use the school’s IT Resources. It is responsible for systematically updating the communication and information system (Website, Facebook and Software) of KSL in an organized way. It ensures that its services are used for educational and school business-related purposes and is smoothly facilitated to all students, teachers and other departments uninterruptedly and effectively.


3) Student Welfare and Regulation of Student Conducts:

KSL has always been at the forefront for the betterment of its students. For encouraging students in building their skills and expertise, it assists the college in conducting international programs (ESDR, Kathmandu Dialogue and The Himalayan Field School), audio-visual programs, residential programs, seminars, etc in liaison with the Executive Director. Furthermore, It oversees matters relating to the welfare of students and regulates the daily academic & co-curricular of students.