KSL Policy and Legal Research Center


Kathmandu School of Law Policy and Legal Research Center (KPLRC) has been established to enhance the availability and acquisition of accurate, timely, unbiased and responsive policy and legal research and information transfers and increase policy and legal research cooperation between national and sub-national governments, parliamentarians, policymakers, academicians, intellectuals and research institutions. The primary objective of the Center is to connect policymakers and legislatures with accomplished researchers and thereby provide them with necessary access to scientific, plausible and actionable policy materials to enhance legislative procedure and enactment of democratic laws. The Center will strengthen the relationship between think tanks and the legislature, build collaborative and sustainable local sources of policy research and improve the dialogue surrounding pressing legislative and public policy priorities.

KPLRC has been planned to provide academic platform to develop common approach and agenda for actionable research services and address problems, issues and challenges related to policy and legal research holistically. It will serve a common platform for policy makers, practitioners, researchers and academia for enhancing new methods, tools and approaches on responding complexities of policy making, policy analysis on issues of human rights, democracy, justice system, rule of law, good governance and development. The Center will work on multidisciplinary, multicultural and multidimensional issues approaching areas both nationally and internationally, and act as a clearing house for information related to policy and legal research.

Project Initiatives: 

  1. Made a Breakthrough in Juvenile Justice System (JJS) in Nepal undertaking situational analysis, sensitizing JJ stakeholders, introducing diversion mechanism, and supporting infrastructural development.
  2. Accomplished Pioneering research works in the reform of Criminal Justice System in Nepal; a proponent of Fair Trial Situation in the nation
  3. Worked as a Catalyst for the Peaceful Transformation of Conflict (2004-2006)
  4. Lobbied with Constituent Assembly Members for the Devolution of Power to the Local Government in the New Constitution. 60 CA members were consulted with and live television discussions with senior leaders of major political parties were held.
  5. National Laws harmonized with International Human Rights Standards to Prevent Sexual Violence in Nepal
  6. Fore-runner in the Fight against Trafficking, VAW and Discriminatory Laws
  7. Launched Right-based Approach in the field of Anti-trafficking and incorporated this in the common curricula of the Law Schools in South Asia (India, Bangladesh & Nepal)
  8. Developed expertise within the Nepal Police, the APF & other Law Enforcement Agencies of 28 districts to combat human rights violations and improper use of force and torture.
  9. Collaborated with the National Security Agencies & Danish National Police in mutual exchange programs for better policing and justice delivery
  10. Capacity strengthening of Police and Prosecutors for the implementation of New Criminal Laws

Major activities to be carried out by this Center are:

  1. Research and Studies on policy priorities and pressing legal issues
  2. Production of research briefs, resource package, journals, manuals and books
  3. Development of tools, methods and approaches for research
  4. Capacity building activities for practitioners, researchers and policy makers
  5. Regular Discourse: Lectures, Panels and Roundtable Discussions
  6. Generating sustainable local resources and information transfers on policy and legal research