Research Department


The research department functions with an objective to promote scientific education of law and meet the primary goal of KSL that is to achieve excellence in research. It carries out research as regular activity of the institution and explores areas of research involving the students. The department functions by exploring the areas of need to research and develops applicable methodology for its conduction. The findings then are put forth for discussions among researchers and experts in the related field and brought into conclusion. It provides academic assistance to individual student and the team to conduct any type of research activities as a part of their academic pursuit. The research department has always encouraged faculty and member students for their research work. This department is further extended to multidisciplinary faculties which include non-legal discipline.  

The department has carried out number of research activities mobilizing students in cooperation with various national and international organizations on various issues. The department is empowered to conduct both academic and action research. It is further working in collaboration with other Departments of KSL.


Rationale for Department: 

  1. To empower faculties and students pursuing carrier in law at Kathmandu School of law for the academic and non-academic engagements.
  2. To develop meaningful research work for helping the government agencies/institutions in solving legal problems as well as to draft new law.
  3. To identify the core areas of socio-legal work for solving ongoing conflict in society along with the proper assistance to concerned agencies.
  4. To examine various other issues in the field of socio-legal discipline and work on it for the problem solution.

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