Words from the Editor- in- Chief

Words from the Editor-in-Chief


- Hari Prakash Chand "Agnipunja"

One of the prominent gaps hindering exceptional research-based scholarship of International Affairs in Nepal is the absence of high-quality cum indigenously published journals. To mitigate the gap, I am delighted to celebrate the launch of the Asian Journal of International Affairs (AJIA), a new disciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research on Asia-focused International Affairs in particular and contemporary world affairs in general. Our goal is to establish Nepal as a hub of South Asia in terms of producing unprecedented knowledge in international affairs by connecting world class academics and researchers from around the world.

AJIA is a journal for all experts pursuing this endeavour in the arena of international affairs. Therefore, the entire editorial board and I heartily welcome professors, academics, researchers, diplomats, experts, scholars, personnel of international organizations, strategic affairs’ think-tanks, and governmental foreign policy brains-trusts from all around the globe to submit their invaluable and enlightening manuscripts to create an exemplary scholarship in this field. We hope that AJIA will become the primary platform for researchers to disseminate intellectual discourse, debate, dialogue, and inductive as well as deductive analysis of world affairs. As an Editor-in-Chief, and, with my team of highly motivated and qualified editors, I’m looking forward to make AJIA a leading journal in this field.