Outreach Campus

KSL is distinct in its caliber with outreach residential campus located around 36 kilometers away from the main campus in Bhaktapur at the outskirts of the valley in Namobudhha municipality. The campus is eco-friendly using water collected through rainwater harvesting, equipped with solar panels and producing vegetation through organic farming.
The outreach campus, situated in the laps of the Himalayans, surrounded by a diverse variety of plants and trees is equipped with fully functioning solar panels. The campus is equipped with modern technology and 24/7 functioning internet facility. With the capacity of holding around 150 people at a time, the outreach campus hosts an array of residential programs and international student exchange programs, namely: ESDR, The KD and others.  The campus cafeteria serves food grown organically at the campus premises. The view tower in the outreach campus gives the scenic and breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the organic tea served along with it provides the unique opportunity of student - teacher dialogue providing an experience unlike any other colleges.