Assoc. Prof. Ram Chandra Phuyal

Contact: Suryabinyak-4, Dadhikot, Bhaktapur, Bagmati, Nepal | 01-6634455, 01-6634663

Email : ramchandra.phuyal@ksl.edu.np

Designation: Associate Professor


Ram Chandra Phuyal is Associate Professor and senior faculty of Legal Nepali at Kathmandu School of Law. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2058 B.S. from Ratnarajya Laxmi (RR) Campus, Kathmandu. He holds M.A. in Nepali Linguistics and Literature form University Campus, Kirtipur. He also holds M.Phil. from Tribhuvan University and LL. B from Nepal Law Campus. He is a Ph.D. fellow of Legal Nepali Language from TU and is writing the thesis of LLM (BITL) from Kathmandu School of Law. He taught Linguistics and Literature to the students of Bachelors and Masters at Ratnarajya Laxmi Campus (Tribhuvan University) for 10 years as a part time faculty. He has been involved in more than 60 Seminars as a Legal Language Expert for the Honorable Judges of High Courts, District Courts and the Bench Assistants of all levels of courts in Nepal.

Research Projects

  1. Famous Holy Pray of Nuwakot : Field Study, collection  and analysis (TU, Nepali Depart, 2066),
  2. Legal Language used in Muluki Ain of Nepal : Brief Study (TU, Nepali Depart, 2067),
  3. A study of Legal Nepali Language of Nepal (Nepal Academy, Kamaladi 2067-68 B.S.)
  4. Analysis of the contemporary Nepali biography (Nepal Academy, 2076)



  1. Analysis of Legal Dictionary of Nepali Language, RR Journal (2068)
  2. Four articles Published in "Kanun Anweshika", The Nepali Legal Journal of KSL, in 2074-76,
  3. More than 3 dozen Book Reviews and critics/ writings are published in National Literal Journal like "Garima", "Madhuparka", "Nepal", "Sabda Samyojan" etc.,
  4. The History and Bansawali of Phuyal Community of Jalukeni (2075).


  1. Biography of late Rudra Kharel (Rudra Kharel Memory Publication committee, 2068)
  2. Antarbarta Haruko Sanglo (Krishnadas Foundation, 2069),
  3. Nepali Hijje, Sworoop ra Prayog (Bhudipuran Prakasan, 2070),
  4. Kanuni Bhasa Lekhan Tatha Sampadan Pustika (published by Supreme Court of Nepal, 2071),
  5. Sabaiko Nepali Adhyayan Samagri (For +2 Studentds, 2072),
  6. Krishnadas Shresthako Byektittyo Parichaya (Krishnadas Foundation, 2074),
  7. Legal Nepali (Course book of BALLB. 2077),
  8. Biography of Dr. Yubaraj Sagrorula (KSL, 2077).


Research Interest/Research Area

  1. Legal Language,
  2. Literature,
  3. Philosophy,
  4. Research based Biography.
  5. Business Law and Precedents.