Assoc Prof. Sudeep Gautam

Contact: Suryabinyak-4, Dadhikot, Bhaktapur, Bagmati, Nepal | 9851158604

Email : sudeepgautam@yahoo.com

Designation: Associate Professor


Assoc. Prof. Gautam is currently working as the Legal Specialist in US Embassy at Kathmandu in a Program dedicated for training and development of Prosecution. He worked as NPM of UNDP Project on Access to Justice over three years. He has over 17 years of experience of working in Nepali NGO called Center for Legal Research and Resource Development (CeLRRd) which the pioneering organization conducting research on Criminal Justice System and Court System in Nepal. He had served in various positions in the organization such as "Legal Aid Lawyer", "Researcher" Program Coordinator" and ultimately over six years of as "the Director". Mr. Gautam is one of the pioneers in establishing Kathmandu School of Law.


Research Projects

  1. Researcher: Baseline Survey on Juvenile Delinquency (2003, KSL): The study was carried in coordination and support with Nepal Police.
  2. Research Analyst: Psyco-social Analysis of Juvenile Justice System of Nepal (2003, KSL): The study was conducted jointly with the team of Nepal Police and KSL.    
  3. Legal Expert at ABTRACO on Various research activities related with agriculture Funded by AEC
  4. Legal Expert on "Promotion of Marketing of selected High Value Agricultural Commodities to Bangladesh and Tibet Market"{2003-2004}{Supported By HARP}
  5. Enhancing Trade Competitiveness of export of Radish, Carrot and Ginger's Seed {2004-2004}
  6. Export of Vegetables to Bangladesh {2005-2005}
  7. Researcher: Community Mediation Action Research, conducted under the supervision and guidance of Prof. John Paul Lederach (2007 September to March 2010)



  1. Co-author: "Business Law in Nepal", Dhaulagiri Books and Stationeries, Kathmandu, NEPAL. 2006 (Two Editions 2007 and 2010)
  2. Co-author "Community mediation training manual" and "Community Mediation Hand Book" (2009, CeLRRd)
  3. Co-author "Basic Mediation Training Manual" (2008, CeLRRd)
  4. Co-author: Mediation Training Manual (CeLRRd, 2008) (Court Annexed Mediation
  5. Co-author: Advance Mediation Training Manual (CeLRRd, September 2009) (Court Annexed Mediation)
  6. Co-author: Refresher training manual four community mediators (CeLRRd, April 2010) (Community Mediation Program)
  7. Co-author: Basic Mediation Training Manual for Bhutaneese Refugees (CeLRRd, October 2009) (Supported by UNHCR)
  8. Co-author: Community Mediation Training Workbook (CeLRRd, July 2009)
  9. Co-author: Community Mediation Handbook. (CeLRRd, July 2009)
  10.  "Community Mediation"- Best Alternatives to Dispute Resolution", Nigarani, CeLRRd Year 3 Vol. 5, 2062
  11.  Co-author for report writing: Psychosocial Analyst on Juvenile Offenders, 2003 (Supported by DIHR)
  12.  "Concept, Need and Development of Legal Aid Support" Nayadoot Special Issue on 9th All Nepal Lawyers Conference.
  13.  "Community Mediation and Judicial Power of Local Authority" Nigarani, CeLRRd Year 3 Vol. 5, 2062
  14.  "Situation of Torture in Nepal" Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong. 2001
  15.  "Mens Rea on Homicide Cases" Nayadoot, Special English Issue, Nepal Bar Association, 2059


Research Interest/Research Area

  1. Corporate Management,
  2. Conflict Management,
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility