Asst. Prof. Yugichha Sangroula

Contact: Suryabinyak-4, Dadhikot, Bhaktapur, Bagmati, Nepal | 01-6634455, 01-6634663

Email : Yugichha.sangroula@ksl.edu.np

Designation: Assistant Professor


Ms. Yugichha Sangroula is Assistant Professor teaching International Humanitarian Law at the B.A.LL. B program and Human Rights at the LLM program at Kathmandu School of Law. She completed her LLB from KSL. She holds an Advanced Masters in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights from Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (Joint Center of University of Geneva and The Graduate Institute, Geneva). She is also the Coordinator of the Department of Moot Courts at Kathmandu School of Law. 


Research Projects

  1. Researcher, Center for Trans-Himalayan Cooperation, Lehsan University, China (2018 -)
  2. Researcher, Preventing Sexual Violence in Nepal by Harmonizing Relevant Laws with International Human Rights Standards, British Embassy Nepal (2014)
  3. Researcher, Enhancing Human Rights Protection in Law Enforcement and Security Agencies in Nepal, University of Sydney (2013)



  1. Jus Post Bellum and Human Rights at Crossroads, 2018, Researcher: A Multidisciplinary Journal 1(2), Volume 1 Issue 1, March 2018, Researcher: A Multidisciplinary Journal
  2. Use of Informal Justice Mechanisms in Criminal Justice System: Critical Observation of Principles, Theories and Prospects, 2016, Journal of Civil Legal Science 5: 193
  3. Rooftop of the World, Sandwiched between Two Rising Powers: A Critical Study on Nepal's Foreign Policies, 2014, Journal of Comparative Asian Development 13(2): 242
  4. The Pedagogy of Informed Learning, 2014, Kathmandu School of Law Review 4(1): 1
  5. Leaving No Stones Unturned: The Evolving Role of Refugee Legal Framework in Protection of Victims of Trafficking, 2012, Kathmandu School of Law Review1(1)

Research Interest/Research Area

  1. International Humanitarian Law
  2. Human Rights Law
  3. Public International Law
  4. Moot Courts
  5. International Criminal Law