Prof. Yubaraj Sangroula

Contact: Suryabinyak-4, Dadhikot, Bhaktapur, Bagmati, Nepal | 01-6634455, 01-6634663

Email : yubaraj.sangroula@ksl.edu.np

Designation: Executive Director | Professor


Prof. Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula accomplished the Doctor of Philosophy Degree on ‘Criminal Justice System of Nepal with special reference to Legal Framework and Practices of Interrogation, Extrajudicial Confession and State of Fair Trial’, from Delhi University, India in 2007. In 2011, he had an opportunity to serve as the Attorney General of Nepal. In 2010, he was appointed by the Government of Nepal as the Convener of the High-Level Police Reform Commission (2008-2009). He also served as advisor to Ministry of Home Affairs. He is also a visiting professor at Renmin University of China and other universities in South Asia. His book 'JURISPRUDENCE; THE PHILOSOPHY OF LAW', was recognized as a world class jurisprudence by SAILS and MILAT in Delhi, India. He was on the same occasion honored and recognized with SAARC Law Scholar Award. He has written several books extensively on jurisprudence, human rights, political process and constitution making, including co-authoring a Human Rights Training Manual for the National Police Academy in Nepal (2001).
He has gained multiple personalities and has become versatile in every venture. Prof. Sangroula has been the essential personality to uplift the legal and philosophy of whole South Asian Nations in front of the whole world.
He has won many awards for his contribution to Human Rights, including the Nepal Jaycees Youth Award in 2002 (for outstanding contribution on law and justice, human rights and promotion of human rights legal education in Nepal).
  1. Ashoka Fellowship, 1998
  2. National Youth Award for excellent works in the field of law and justice and human rights, 1999.
  3. Honor of the Best Citizen 2000
  4. Teaching Excellence Award, 2012
  5. SAARC Law Scholar Award 2012
  6. Nepal Education Leadership Award, 2017 


Research Projects

  1. 1996: Action Research on Girls in Especially Difficult Circumstances, Commissioned by UNICEF South Asian Regional Office, 1996, Kathmandu: Acted in the capacity of chief researcher.
  2. 1999: Use of Existing Legal Framework in Violence Against Women, Commissioned by UNICEF South Asian Regional Office, 1999: Acted as Chief Researcher.
  3. 1999: Analysis and Reforms of Criminal Justice System in Nepal, Commissioned by Danish Institute for Human Rights and Legal Research and Resource development 1999: Acted as coordinator and chief researcher.
  4. 2000: Impact of Corruption in Criminal Justice System on Women, commissioned by The Asia Foundation, 2000: Acted as the coordinator and chief researcher.
  5. 2000: Counter Corruption Legal Framework in Nepal, commissioned by The Asia Foundation, 2000: Acted as the coordinator and the chief researcher.
  6. 2002: Baseline Survey on Criminal Justice System of Nepal, commissioned by Danida, 2002: Acted as the lead researcher.
  7. 2003: Trial Court System in Nepal commissioned by The Asia Foundation, 2003: Worked as the Coordinator of the research.
  8. 2004: Juvenile Justice System in Nepal, commissioned by Danish Institute for Human Rights, 2004: Worked as the Coordinator of the Research.
  9. 2006: Regional Study for the Harmonization of Anti-trafficking Legal Framework in India, Bangladesh and Nepal: Developing Right-based approach for anti-trafficking actions in South Asia, commissioned by European Commission and International Federation of Terre des homes, 2006. Worked as the coordinator of the research.
  10. 2010: Feasibility Study of the Prison System in Nepal, commissioned by Center for Legal Research and Resource development, 2010. Worked as consultant for the research.
  11. 2013: Baseline (II) Survey of the Criminal Justice System of Nepal, September 2012-June 2013.
  12. Review of Legal Education Curricula of Universities in Nepal, 2014.
  13. Study on Trade Deficit in Nepal-China Trade, 2014.
  14. Fulfillment of Universal Periodic Review Recommendation by Nepal, 2015.
  15. Rights of Land Locked Countries in International Law, 2016.
  16. Study on Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Tourism Industry in Nepal, 2016.
  17. Steering Committee Member, of the Project Enhancing Good Governance, Human Rights Protection and Law Enforcement Situation in Security Agencies and Criminal Justice, 2015-2018 in collaboration woth Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR).
  18. 2015: Study Report, "Preventing Sexual Violence in Nepal: Through Harmonizing Relevant Laws With International Human Rights Standards", in collaboration with British Embassy.


Research Articles

  1. Fair Trial: Still Long Way to Achieve in Nepal” in Basil Fernando (ed.) Decline of Fair Trial in Asia: Asian Human Rights Commission; Hong Kong, 2000.
  2. “Accountability and Transparency in the Parliamentary System of Nepal” in Rohit Kumar Nepali (ed.) Governance in the Doldrums: South Asia Partnership Nepal; Kathmandu, 2000.
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Research Interest/Research Area

  1. Criminal Justice System
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. International law
  4. Rule of Law, Human Right and Good Governance
  5. Jurisprudence and the Philosophy of Law
  6. International Relation and Foreign Policy