Lawyer Client Counseling Competition 2022

August 23, 2022

We would like to congratulate Team Kanoongand Law Firm's Advocates Mr. Hrithik Yadav and Miss. Nisha Khatri for securing first position, Team Saugat and Samrachana Law Firm's Advocates Mr. Saugat Pokhrel and Miss. Samrachana Sharma for securing 2nd position and Team Hope Law Firm's Advocates Mr. Niraj Poudel and Mr. Jayram Mahato Koiri for securing 3rd position in Intra- College Lawyer- Client Counseling Competition 2022. 
The program was organised by KSL Cognition Club in collaboration with Clinical Law Department, KSL.
The competition incorporated three rounds including Preliminary Round, Advance Round and the Final Round with the direct and meaningful participation of 146 students along with The Cognition Club executive members.