Sa Paru (Gai Jatra) celebration at Kathmandu School of Law

September 08, 2023

Kathmandu School of Law hosted a vibrant and culturally rich celebration on the 19th of Bhadra. The auspicious occasion saw the commencement of the Sa Paru or Gaijatra festival, which began at Balkumari Temple situated at Thimi and culminated within the premises of KSL. The event was a spectacular showcase of traditional Nepali culture, featuring captivating performances such as dance, Lakhey Nach, and Dhimmi dance.
With enthusiastic participation, the program was executed flawlessly, spreading joy and preserving the rich heritage of the region. This successful celebration of Sa Paru/Gaijatra truly encapsulated the spirit of unity and cultural pride in KSL. The institute plans to continue this beautiful tradition in the coming years, ensuring that the memories of loved ones live on through the celebration of life.
In a noteworthy development, KSL made the decision to change the name of its library facility. This strategic move involved rebranding the library as the 'Sankhadhar Sakhwa Library' named after a legendary Nepalese philanthropist.