Congratulations to our student Mr. Sujan Adhikari

November 03, 2023

Kathmandu School of Law feels proud of Mr. Sujan Adhiakri, a BALLB Fourth Year student for being elected as Co-Convenor of  15th Magna Meet to be held in Kathmandu in October 2023.
Magna Meet, a word coined referring to Magna Carta of 1215 AD in England, is a platform where more than 200 organizations across Nepal working in the area of Human Rights come together and collectively celebrate Human Rights Day. This day is celebrated by organizing various programs including inauguration and closing sessions, parallel and plenary sessions, exhibitions, rallies, documentary screenings, and social media campaigns among others.
Every year, 10th December, the date of adoption of UDHR in Nepal is celebrated with a unique concept of a mega event which is popularly known as the Human Rights Magna Meet’.