Congratulation to our student Rajesh Prashad Dhungana

April 04, 2024

Achievement by Our Student - Rajesh Prasad Dhungana 

Kathmandu School of Law would like to congratulate Mr. Rajesh Prasad Dhungana for his remarkable accomplishment and participation in the 27th edition of the Model World Trade Organization (WTO). The event was organized by St. Gallen University, in partnership with the World Trade Organization and other notable institutions, where he represented Brazil on the Service Subsidies Committee and received a 50% scholarship. 

He attended a United Nations session on global trade during the Israel-Palestine conflict and engaged in discussions at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva, contributing to a panel focused on reinforcing trust in the multilateral trading system and strengthening the WTO’s structure. The panel included prominent figures such as Mr. Bernard Kuiten and Dr. Pierre Sauvé.