International Confluence of Academicians - 2020

July 01, 2020

The international confluence of academicians comes as an initiative from the Kathmandu Dialogue Alumni Association in collaboration with Kathmandu School of Law and asia blogs. Owing to the cancellation of the third edition of the Kathmandu Dialogue due to covid-19, the KD alumni took this initiative to continue the learning process and the legacy of summer school despite the pandemic. The Kathmandu Dialogue holds a precious space in the hearts of all the alumni members and thus, we bring this confluence with utmost joy and hope of learning and connectivity. This year, the confluence aims to cover 14 sessions surrounding on the theme, i.e. "Covid-19 and the World Order: What the Future Holds?" stretched across 10 days from 1st to 10th July, 2020. These sessions will range from issues of human rights to global power shift, cyber security to the problems of fake news and methods to combat them.