Millennium Fellowship Class of 2020

July 21, 2020

#MillenniumFellowship launched by United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network (MCN), has selected Kathmandu School of Law among one of the 80 campuses from over 1,458 campuses across 135 nations to host Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2020

In total 5 projects were selected of KSL Students.

Project 1 - ‘Quality Education’: COVID-19 risk assessment, led by Pranjali Kanel along with Shantam Pyakurel, Prekshya Niroula, Bipashna Ojha, Shishir Wagle, Prakriti Khanal, Nishant Rijal, Ashlesha Joshi, Surakshya Niraula, Dikhsya Pokharel, Prathana Thapa and Surakshya Khatiwada have been selected as Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2020. They will be conducting a research-based project to assess how COVID-19 has impacted the dissemination of Quality Education within Nepal intending to create a policy guideline to bestow quality education during and after the pandemic. Their project has been featured as one of the three Fellowship projects that are bold and innovative. (Project also features in the press release -…/millenium-campus-network-we…)

Project 2 - Project Panchi is a project led by Shradha Khanal, Nikhil Dongol, Pratap Adhikari have been selected as Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2020. Their research project aims to fulfill the gap of transparency in public bodies and their effective channeling of information in the public domain during and beyond the crisis period. Ensuring accountable public bodies and public access to information their project contributes to building peace, justice, and strong institutions. Further their project celebrates peace and justice with storytelling.

Project 3 - Project ‘Decent work and Economic growth’: COVID-19 risk assessment, led by Babita Khanal and Rhishav Sapkota has been selected as Millennium Fellows of the Class of 2020. They will be conducting a research-based project to assess how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the employment and wages in the sectors deemed most at risk in Nepal. ILO reports indicated that nearly four in every five workers most vulnerable to disruption are in the construction, manufacturing, and trade sectors. Also, one in every six youngsters has quit working since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic while the individuals who stay employed have seen their working hours cut by 23 percent, according to another ILO report. This project is the analysis of the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the vulnerable job holders in Nepal with the projection of possible roadmaps that would minimize disruption of livelihoods and enable a boost in its economy with proper integration of these workers.

Project - 4 - Project ‘Bajho’ led by Prajwol Bickram Rana, Barsha Shrestha, Aakriti Khatri, Aashish Poudyal and Sijan Shah have been selected as Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2020. The initial phase of this project was completed with a waste management system in the college.
Now, the fellows will be analysing climate-change policy starting from Nepal and then of South Asian countries. The researched report is set to contain the analysis of policy related to environment and climate change, its analysis, implementation, problems and solution. Report made for Nepal is to be submitted to the Ministry of Forest and Environment and a report consisting of the entire South Asia to the SAARC secretariat office in Kathmandu.

Project - 5 - Project ‘Environment Nightmare of Airport Construction’ led by Sagar Baral and Akanksha Acharya aims to submit the report on potential consequences of the construction of the proposed Nijgadh International Airport. It will suggest the government two potential ideas: First, an alternative area to construct the airport which will be feasible from the biodiversity and environment point of view. Second and alternatively, it will suggest to follow the "Greenery Airport concept", which will be a sustainable development approach.

Congratulations to all the students !!!