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Asian Journal of International Affairs


Asian Journal of International Affairs (AJIA) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal in international affairs published by the Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) with international affairs from an Asian perspective at its core. AJIA, the flagship journal of KSL aspires to disseminate knowledge through publications and connect experts, scholars, researchers, and academics from around the world. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed theoretical and empirical research-based journal aiming to create the space for intellectual discourse, debate, dialogue, and inductive and deductive analysis of world affairs. Following the aim, AJIA's first volume was published and inaugurated on 20 August 2022. After the successful launch of the first/special issue in international academia, the journal has moved towards the publication of the second volume. 
The academia of international affairs has been continually influenced by the theories framed during the colonial period. The role and influence of colonial theories and academics in academic knowledge production, policy framework, and practices in international affairs in Asia and beyond is immense. The need for the creation of critical discourses, an inquisition into the impact, influence, and relevance of these theories, and the need for the creation of theories and knowledge in the arena of international affairs to solve the practical difficulties and problems of the present state of affairs among the States is imperative. Breaking the unilateral and esoteric narratives, debunking misinformation and disinformation, and promoting the theory of peaceful co-existence and shared economic and cultural prosperity among the States is inevitable in the current state of affairs. The war in Russia-Ukraine, the conflict in Taiwan, the Sri Lankan economic crisis, etc. has adequately highlighted how narratives regarding the rising Asia, the formation of the New World Order, the historical rivalry over territories among States in Asia and rivalry between the civilizations leading to inevitable clash of civilizations and Third World War are leading the world towards conflict and not cooperation.  Hence, the promotion of research on preventing the “inevitable” conflict through development and shared prosperity, harmony, and coordination with an increase in communication and transportation among the States just emphasizing the development of trade routes and linkages, etc. is the role and responsibility of the academia in this context. With this background, Asian Journal of International Affairs (AJIA) is established as one of the initiatives in leading the debate and discussion for the formation of fair, just, and peaceful international order and exercise of its relations. 
Asian Journal of International Affairs (AJIA) is the flagship journal in international affairs dedicated to building an academic platform for academicians, scholars, and experts in international relations from Asia and beyond for the creation of such critical intellectual debates and discussions in international affairs with Asian emphasis and perspective. AJIA is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to create space for intellectual discourse, debate, and dialogue with both inductive and deductive analysis of world affairs, foreign policy, diplomatic practices, and international relations and express Asian voice in the regional and global arena through intensive research, debate, dialogue, discourse, publication, and dissemination of new knowledge. In addition, it focuses on oriental philosophical approaches at the core of the research and Western philosophical approaches at its periphery.     
With multiple issues surfacing within and around Asia, one of the main requirements that we need to devise solutions for our next step is creating space for intellectual discourse. Intellectual debates, dialogues, research, and conferences to gather ideas and expressions for our way forward is the necessity at the moment. AJIA aims at creating a space to let these grow and create waves that can hold our purpose of disseminating knowledge. 
Through the recently published first volume, AJIA succeeded in carrying out the said objectives. We have been made sure that journals are effective in creating space for intellectual discourse thus vividly showing the need for a second volume as the waves created must not stop. 


  1. Recognizing the need for bringing out critical discourses, debates and academic research emphasizing Asian affairs, international affairs, and international relations from the Asian perspective, this journal plans to encourage scholars and experts to contribute to the production of knowledge in this arena,
  2. Decolonizing the academia of international affairs and practices in international relations and diplomacy, 
  3. AJIA will focus on expanding its reach and horizon and connecting with experts, scholars, researchers, and academics from around the world to create a diverse platform where international affairs and international laws can be debated and discussed on more realistic and need-based terms and not on Western-centric theories, narratives or rhetoric, 
  4. Create the space for intellectual discourse, debate, dialogue, and inductive as well as deductive analysis of World Affairs by organizing conferences and seminars to bring the experts together and help generation of effective and strong Asian stand/voice in international relations and World Affairs,
  5. Promote indigenous research, writers, scholars, and philosophies in the field of international affairs.