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Nepal School Moots on Human Rights 2023




About The Competition

After the successful completion of the first and second edition of Nepal School Moots on Human Rights, Kathmandu School of Law organized the third edition of Professor Christof Heyns and Professor Madhav Prasad Acharya Memorial Moot Court Competition as a joint initiative of KSL and the Global Campus of Human Rights. It aimed to elevate the education, articulation, research, and oration skills of the students and encourage talented young people to consider pursuing a law career. Additionally, it aimed to strengthen human rights foundation by shaping the students into well-rounded members of the society with the understanding of human rights and professional ethos.

The Professor Christof Heyns and Professor Madhav Prasad Acharya Memorial Nepal School Moot on Human Rights was held in the Bhaktapur Campus of Kathmandu School of Law. The coordinator for the third edition of the School Moots - 2023 was Assistant Professor Rubin Shrestha and Program Assistant was Pranjali Kanel.


  1. Help students understand and analyze the necessary foundation of the human rights principles and objective, ultimately leading to its better understanding and articulation.
  2. Guide students to incorporate human rights issues with the changing world and become cognizant of the basic founding principles of human rights at the domestic level.
  3. To mitigate the surficial level of quarrel and initiate a new mechanism of research-based argumentation.
  4. Support the students to develop overall professional skills. (Legal research, writing, argumentation etcetera.)
  5. Bring students from different regions of the nation fostering diversity leading to the contextual comprehension of human rights ethos and principles.
  6. Foster a friendly competitive environment, which will enhance the students' working efficiency even in a difficult situation.
  7. Use school moots to encourage a vibrant and cooperative community to strengthen human rights.



The moot court competition was open to all the colleges in Nepal having legal studies in their high school curriculum. One team from each college can participate in the competition. The team can comprise of two members excluding team advisors or coach. 

In this third edition of the competition, nine school participated. The schools that participated in the competition were Himalayan White House International College (Putalisadak, Kathmandu), Uniglobe S/S College (Kamaladi), Kalika Manavgyan Secondary School (Butwal), Shree Shiv Shankar Secondary School (Dadeldhura), Learning Realm International School (Kathmandu), Kathmandu Model Secondary School (Balkumari), Khowpa Secondary School (Bhaktapur), Bhanubhakta Secondary Boarding School (Pokhara), and Riviera International School (Kathmandu).



English was the official moot language for this third edition also. 



The competition comprised two distinct phases—a written submission followed by the oral rounds. After the written submissions, they advanced to the preliminary rounds which took place at the main campus. From these preliminary rounds, the top four teams were selected to advance to the more challenging advanced rounds. Finally, two teams emerged as the finalists and earned the opportunity to compete in the championship rounds after rigorous rounds and impressive performances.



Winner: Kathmandu Model Secondary School (Balkumari, Lalitpur), Team 306

Runner-up: Uniglobe S/S College (Kamaladi, Kathmandu), Team 302

Third Best Team: Learning Realm International School (Kathmandu), Team 305

Best Memorial: Learning Realm International School (Kathmandu), Team 305

Best Speaker (Finals): Satyaraj Karki, KMC Balkumari (Lalitpur), Team 306

Best Speaker (Preliminary): Kenneth Poudel, Khwopo Secindary School (Bhaktapur),Team 307

Team Spirit Award: Shree Shiv Shankar Secondary School (Dadeldhura), Team 304