Business Law and Arbitration Research Center


The Center for Business Law and Arbitration Research Center (BLARC) is a platform where KSL faculty, students and individuals engaged in the field of Business and Arbitration law come together in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged teaching and learning experiences. The center increases student success, builds vital community partnerships, and invites individuals to become members of an intellectually diverse, active learning community. It promotes advanced teaching, research and research-oriented activities in the law and practice affecting international trade and arbitration in national, regional and international level. It is administered through senior member (Coordinator) and Program officers in collaboration with KSL secretariat and KSL administration, under direct observation of patron, Director and Industry Experts. 


The Center for Business law and arbitration will:

a) Engage KSL faculty, students, and members work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning and teaching experiences;

b) Contribute to significant increase in Commercial law researches, position papers, research articles done by Kathmandu School of Law  

c) Aids the aim of establishing KSL as a University in near future. 

Activities during the years: 

BLARC has organized various BITL related programs as per the academic calendar. Seminars were organized inviting resource persons for the related subject and guest lectures by experts in the related field were also conducted in a regular basis covering wide range of subjects such as Insurance Law and Regulation, Role of Insurance Board, Securities Transaction, Commercial Arbitration, WTO, Aviation Insurance, Taxation Law. BLARC has taken the initiative to collect electronic as well as print reading resources in the field of Business and International Trade Laws in order to promote research activities in the concerned field.

Regular activities like term paper writing, presentation and assessment of concerned law and cases on jurisprudential aspect in class has helped students boost up the standard.


BLARC is run by three functioning sub department:

1. Advisory Board: Twelve members having diverse expertise are part of the advisory board. 

2. KSL Board: The board comprises of Director, Associate Director and the Assistant Director.

3. Research Department: The research department comprises of three research consultants.


As of now, Asst. Prof. Ravi Prakash Vyas is the coordinator of BLARC.