General Election: Expectations, possibilities, and opportunities

November 14, 2022

On 13th November 2022, Sunday, the 1st year BA.LLB students of Kathmandu school of law held a seminar on the topic “General Election: Expectations, possibilities, and opportunities” in the presence of Prof. (Dr). Yubaraj Sangroula, Prof. Hongkong Rana, Prof. (Dr). Atindra Dahal, Assoc. Prof. Laxmi Sapkota and other faculty members. The seminar was structured in a way where the students were divided into two groups among which 3 presenters from each group representing the researchers, presented their ideas and views on the upcoming election on November 20. The seminar revolved based on two questions,

  1. What are the expectations of people in the election of 2079? What rules and laws should the elected MPs make?
  2. How appropriate and meaningful is the manifesto of the political parties?

The presenters spoke about the manifestos as per which the Political and economic issues have dominated the political parties’ agenda. The manifestos have high goals, and many have questioned if they are achievable since the performance of parties in power has been disappointing, especially in delivering on promises. Similarly, the presenters presented their opinions on how political parties are led by ageing leaders, many of whom are seen to have failed to address the concerns of the public. We need more youth leaders who, rather than being cynical about Nepal’s democracy, should see it as a way to bring change in the future.

After the presentations were done, there was a Q&A session where the presenters addressed the questions of the audience. The seminar concluded with teachers giving suggestions, feedback, and appreciating the efforts of the students. Nonetheless, we would like to extend our gratitude towards the Kathmandu school of law for providing this platform, our seniors who guided us thoroughly and the whole team who made it possible.

With the hope to strive for better in the days coming.