Faculty Symposium 2080

August 11, 2023

Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) organized the “Faculty Symposium” on the 25th of Shrawan 2080 at its main campus, facilitating a significant platform for scholarly discourse among faculty members and college administrations to review its last academic session and plan the year ahead. The primary objective of this symposium was to facilitate the exchange of pedagogical experiences and departmental insights from the previous academic year, thereby fostering a climate of mutual learning and academic advancement. The symposium brought together all the college personnel for a day of knowledge-sharing and collaboration to promote mutual understanding and growth.
During the symposium, several key activities took place:
Scholarly Presentations Enriched: Esteemed academics such as Professor Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula and Dr. Khagendra Prasain delivered erudite lectures across diverse domains. These presentations fostered heightened understanding, augmenting the intellectual prowess of the symposium attendees.
Collaborative Pedagogical Exchange: A notable facet of the symposium was the interactive discourse, wherein educators engaged in candid discussions, elucidating the challenges encountered in their instructional capacities. This collective engagement facilitated the amalgamation of experiences, culminating in a collaborative ideation of innovative pedagogical solutions.
Insightful Culmination: The symposium culminated in insightful conclusions, attesting to the intellectually stimulating nature of the proceedings. These deductions encompassed strategic methodologies to surmount pedagogical challenges, innovative teaching paradigms, and unexplored avenues for prospective academic inquiry and collaboration.
Renewed Dedication to Scholarly Advancement: A tangible outcome of the symposium was the rejuvenated enthusiasm exhibited by participants towards elevating their instructional pursuits. The dynamic exchange of ideas, coupled with the dissemination of scholarly insights, rekindled a fervent commitment towards the enhancement of pedagogical quality and scholarly distinction at KSL.
Exemplifying Scholarly Collaboration: The Faculty Symposium serves as an epitome of KSL's unwavering commitment to scholarly excellence, manifested through concerted collaborative endeavors and visionary foresight. The assembly of faculty members, administrative staffs, departmental heads, class coordinators and college management to address instructional challenges, share pedagogical insights, and collaboratively devise solutions underscores the institution's resolute dedication to continuous enhancement and innovative breakthroughs in the realm of legal education. 
The chair of the session, Dr. Govind Prashad Kushum ended the session the session with his concluding remarks by sharing thoughtful insights and summarizing what was discussed for the whole day. He highlighted everyone's commitment to making KSL even better as an educational leader; which will happen by creating an environment where the faculties, administration and students can learn, grow, and have open conversations.